Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wireless TVs
Big players (panasonic, sanyo, sony, belkin, etc.) were demonstrating wireless HD TVs. This implies that you do not need to place you TV next to the cable drop in the room. I think 2009 is when this will be everywhere.

Contrary to last year, when everyone was touting their biggest TVs, this year only Panasonic had moved in this area and had the biggest Plasma TV (150 in) on display. WOW! It seems that the 103 in they displayed last year sold for $70,000. I wonder how much this one will cost. There was a lot of focus on reducing the thickness of flat screen TVs. Panasonic, Samsung and Pioneer has very impressive "thin" sets on display.

Picture enhancement
All manufacturers are developing circuitry and routines to enhance to the viewing experience: cleaner movement, better contrast, etc. Some of these obvious and others not.

HD Everywhere
- Very small HD camcorders
- HD PC Displays
- HD Projectors

OLED TVs (shown in pic)
This is the next generation technology for television and displays. Sony and Samsung had OLED TVs on display. These are less than and inch thick and are dazzling displays. You have to see one to believe how good they are. I had written about this (link) several months ago when the first Sony OLED TV was released.

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