Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eric Schmidt
Attended a keynote address by Eric at the CIO Summit hosted by Sierra Ventures. A few thoughts that stayed with me:
  • Google TV - Google has developed an OS for televisions. If successful, we will finally have Internet Browsing capability on televisions
  • Andriod continues to grow fast. The free licensing policy has attracted a lot of device manufacturers. I believe that this poses a real threat to Apple. For now, iOS is a significantly better user experience.
  • Voice translation Eric talked about a demo where an English speaking person conversed in (near) real-time with a German speaking person to buy shoes. The is in in its infancy but, give it a few years, and we might actually be able to speak with anyone in any language.
  • Instant Search speeds-up an already blazingly fast Google search. Up next "read our mind"!
  • 4G on mobile devices will open opportunities for a whole new set of businesses and functionality. Verizon is planning a major splash soon and AT&T will follow suit. Get ready to buy new devices and spend more. I am so happy about my iPad / MiFi decision.
  • Enterprise revenue continues to be a tiny part of revenues at Google. A few years ago, Eric was surprised that Enterprise customers would even consider GMail.
Very interesting!
Interviewed on Internet Evolution Radio
Half-hour interview by Nicole Ferrao on IERadio.
Talked about a wide range of topics:
  • Media in the digital age
  • Supporting collaboration within the enterprise
  • SAAS and software technology in general
  • etc.