Monday, October 27, 2008

Intel Presentation on Enterprise 2.0
Came across this article about a presentation by the Intel CIO on Social Media within the enterprise. Some interesting stats in the presentation.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DLA Piper Tech Conference
Attended a very interesting one day event in California. In addition to great weather enjoyed some very interesting sessions.
I was very impressed by Ray Ozzie. His comments were very insightful. Here are a few I noted:
  • India is ahead on mobile
  • China is seeing parallel growth in mobile and pcs
  • Ray uses constraints to drive behavior within the organization
  • cloud is fast becoming a hub that we connect to via fat pipes. This will again give us an opportunity to think about where work gets done: on personal vs central locations
  • PCs and mobile phones become appliances that you log into to access your information - anywhere, anytime. This considerably reduces the cost of management of devices.
  • media is the new document driving usage of local compute power
  • every HD-IPTV end-point requires 6MBPS of bandwidth
  • Instant Messaging has morphed into social networks (especially facebook)
  • social networks are driven by technology, social dynamics and organizational design
  • two big opportunities? mobile collaboration, virtualization / server consolidation
  • biggest challenge at Microsoft? ability to manage complexity