Friday, September 29, 2006

At DEMOfall 2006: Presto
No it is not a new JOLT for sleep deprived techies. It was the least cool technology at DEMO - it better be as it is e-mail for grandma.

HP and Presto have got together to connect a printer to a phone line and allow grandma to receive printed e-mails. I think it will make a great holidays gift for seniors this winter.

Presto claim that they already have partnerships with media companies (WSJ, nytimes, etc.) to also send news to the printer. We should look at it too.
At DEMOfall 2006: pluggd (missing an e)
Heard at DEMO: You know it is a bubble when companies are dropping vowels in URLs!

Excellent product that provides semantic search for voice and audio portions of video. Great to search podcasts for the specific information you wish to hear. I did not get a chance to ask the company but the question is "will it scale". One of the key ingredients to Google's success in the search market is their ability to deliver the results lightening fast.

The product generates a heatmap of a voice recording based on the terms being searched allowing you to listen to the most relevant segment.
At DEMOfall 2006: USBcell
Are you, like me, sick of the number of chargers you carry in your bag? These guys have a great shot at getting rid of most of them. They take the ability of charging a blackberry from a USB port to all devices. One of the coolest products I have seen on the "power" front.

Once the cell phone battery products are out, they will truly reduce the number of power cords I carry. A bit pricey, I thought.
At DEMOfall 2006: jajah
Interesting twist to VoIP. Local calls at the two end-points with a VoIP call on the back-haul. I had tried the product several months ago. Easy to use and very inexpensive (though not to India).

Their ability to offer the service from a mobile phone is very interesting.

Very inexpensive conference calling is also very cool.

I will give it a try soon.
At DEMOfall 2006: Mercora
The sound quality is exceptional. They allow you to stream your music to your cell phone. You can also tune into your friend's music. In addition, you can tune into internet radio sites. Very impressive! I surely give it a try in the next couple of weeks.

They were a last minute entry at DEMO and did a great presentation.
At DEMOfall 2006 - Eluma
Brandable desktop based community software. Their goal is to help organizations / companies build a community of their best members / customers. The downloadable application provides a very rich UI allowing the community members and the host organization to communicate very effectively.

I am personally down on any downloadable application. I think they are very inflexible and tie you to a computer. I want to get to everything from anywhere.
At DEMOfall 2006 - DASH Navigation: Very cool navigation product.

DASH connects to the web using a wifi or a cellular network. It is feature rich. The coolest feature is that multiple DASH devices collaborate to generate the traffic profile of an area. The information is then used to generate the best set of directions based on traffic flow. This clearly beats the "shortest distance" algorithm used by the current navigation systems.

Other features include the mash-up of other information (restaurants, gas stations, etc.) drawn from the internet with the maps. They also have a way to display gas prices with the gas stations. This is clearly the future direction for all GPS devices.

DASH is backed by Kleiner and Sequoia.
At DEMOfall 2006 - Cascada Mobile: Cascada has developed a way for users to recommend content from their mobile phones to other users. Another product that should be a feature of a comprehensive mobile application platform.
At DEMOfall 2006 - Buzzlogic
One of the most interesting product at the show. It helps identify influencers in social media such as blogs, wikis and forums. It allows marketing and communications professionals to track and measure the impact of their actions. The visual looked very cool in the demo I saw. Have requested a beta version of the product to demo to others around the company.

I can imagine very diverse uses for this product. I am convinced that this product will evolve very quickly into other markets.
At DEMOfall 2006 - 4INFO
A shot at making 44636 (4INFO's short code) to be the 411 for SMS.

4INFO has opened up the technology to allow service providers to setup a service tied to a unique keyword on the 4INFO Open Platform. The service provider links the keyword to an RSS feed. Users access the information by sending the keyword to 4INFO via SMS. The results are returned via SMS. They have not yet figured out who will get to service the "dictionay" terms. So, the user is left with looking for terms like "dcnews" etc.

This reminds me of the mechanism used by the very successful minitel service in France.

Google and Yahoo will prove to be very tough competitors to beat in the delivery of mainstream information like yellow pages, weather, news, etc. 4INFO has a minority investment from Gannett.
At DEMOfall 2006 - 3jam
One of the many point mobile solutions on display at the conference. 3jam enhances SMS and allows you to send messages to multiple people and allows the recipients to reply to everyone. Their main aim is to allow a group of users coordinate activities and plans.

Clearly, this is a feature and not a company, at least the way it stands right now!

Monday, September 18, 2006

I briefly checked-out the zoho word processor. This is clearly the best web-based word processors that I have tried. Very intuitive! Very cool! Excellent acquisition target for Yahoo (or Microsoft?).

Friday, September 15, 2006

Cool anti-phishing feature from They now allow you to personalize your login page with a graphic or text. This helps you quickly see if you are on the right login page or not. I assume they store this information in a cookie.

A small step ahead of the phishers - till they figure out how to reproduce look and feel of the personalized screen.