Thursday, October 25, 2007

Protest against IBM in SecondLife
I came across this very interesting protest when I read the news that the IBM Italy CEO has quit. The article has several links to how over 1,800 IBM Italy employees picketed on Second Life.

I also found this interesting Union web page explaining in detail how to join SecondLife.

Very interesting use of the virtual medium.
Enterprise Mashup Tool: JackBe
I think this is an essential functionality for Media web-sites and might even have value in the Enterprise space. One of the companies that seems to have a lot of traction is Jackbe.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nokia: Point&Find
I just saw a blog posting on Gizmodo that Nokia is demonstrating a technology that helps you get information on any restaurant, cinema and even people. The search is conducted using a photo (camera phone) and GPS location. I have been very interested in technologies that improve the browsing experience on phones. This goes way beyond what is available now.

Here is a posting on another blog: A bit of interesting information on Nokia Research on the same blog: "Nearly a third of Nokia's total workforce is dedicated to R&D: a staggering 21,453 people. More amazing still is the amount Nokia spends on R&D - an almost unbelievable 3.9 billion Euros a year. WOW!

Will love to see a demo of how it works. Have been playing with N800, the internet tablet from Nokia. It is cool ... will love to get my hands on N810 that has been recently announced.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Sharp combines a Scanner with an LCD

This is very cool and has the potential of significantly improving "touch" based interfaces.
Story on InfoWorld
Press release from Sharp
Products using this technology are expected to ship next year!
Pic: From the Sharp Press release

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

When I finally replaced my 13 year old Sony TV with a Pioneer Plasma a couple of years ago, I though that I was all set for the next 13. That was till I saw the new Sony OLED TV. It is 3 mm (.12 inches) thick and as a great picture. Complete story on one of the blogs. Will love to get to see one of these.

I suddenly feel that my TV may not last 13 years.

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) explained on Wikipedia.

Believe it can be delivered in a flexible film format (check-out the photo below).
Gadgetoff 2007:
Was invited to attend this very interesting Geekfest last Friday. Got to see and try some really cool stuff. Check out the video captured by the New York Mag team. I am in one of the frames watching the flame-thrower cook a steak. It did not taste bad. :-)