Thursday, December 10, 2009

Senator Mark Warner @ TiE-DC
Attended the Annual Gala of TiE-DC (re-named from The Indus Entrepreneur to The International Entrepreneur). Senator Mark Warner delivered the Keynote. His message to entrepreneurs, focus on: Energy, Education and Equity (over debt).

Here are a few pics and coverage of the event on Bisnow.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Vivek & Aneesh
Fed CIO and CTO talked about the open government directive during a web-cast this morning:

The web drives Transparency. Transparency in a Democracy is very empowering!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Chris Hughes
Co-founder of Facebook and developer of

I attended a interesting talk by Chris hosted by the TechCouncil of MD earlier this week. Two major successes at such a young age! V Impressive! I wanted to hear what he had to say.

Chris started by noting that Information is a record of an idea. The significant change is that Information now distributed very quickly via networked screens. The web allows everyone becomes an author and as a result, people are overwhelmed by information - and it isn't getting better anytime soon.

A few metrics from Facebook:
  • 350 mil users
  • 50 pct users come back on any given day
  • average user has 130 friends
  • 70 mil users access the site using mobile devices
His thoughts about Facebook that I found interesting:
  • You come Facebook as yourself, use your real name and meet people you know. This is unlike any other site.
  • It is a collection of a closed networks
  • Trust and privacy are paramount: Facebook is planning to release a feature to allow users to create lists of friends and then expose certain content to a specific list - I eagerly look forward to this!
  • Facebook respects the power of the crowd
  • Ensuring that the platform is useful to the users is the only way to remain relevant and keep the users engaged. This was the key focus when Chris developed
  • The turning point was when they opened up Facebook as a platform to allow anyone to develop applications on (repeated by Apple on iPhone and by Twitter)
  • Facebook lets 350 million people create Information: digital imprints of all out actions, ideas, etc.
  • All functionality is developed in a interative manner: start simple, see what works, iterate

How is the web changing society?

  • transparency
  • choice
  • ability to create
Here are a few links to media coverage for the event: photos from the event on Flickr, an article on The Washington Business Journal, Tech/Fed Bisnow’s article, Bisonow's article and comments on Network Solutions.