Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cool@CES: 3M Mobile Projector
One of the coolest things I saw at CES was a miniature 3M projector that can be integrated with mobile devices. It had VGA display capability and 3M is currently working on finding partners to integrate it into mobile devices. I have been waiting for this (post from a year ago) feature as I believe it will allow us to do much more computing with mobile devices.

I have also seen news of Korean company SK Telecom's launch of a projection cell phone with technology from Iljin. The product "Nano Projector" (pic left) was launched in July 07. It can project a 20-inch image and was expected to be in mass production late last year.

I believe that this has the potential of making mobile devices more social. I can imagine that, in a couple of years, people will be showing pictures and videos to friends by projecting them directly from their mobile device.

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