Sunday, November 06, 2011


There is an irreversible trend in the workplace of employees owning the computing devices used for work. Given the accelerating rate of new and improved devices hitting the market, enterprises are finding it harder and harder to provide the latest and greatest tools to employees. Teleworkers frequently prefer to work on their home machines than maintain two machines at home.

I agree with the Information Week position that we need to move from protecting the network and the end-points to protecting Enterprise data. While networks and devices are assets that must be well managed and controlled, the true asset is information (data) and insights. So, enterprise IT must primarily focus on securing data. I believe that, for a long time in the future, we will be required to manage hybrid environments where some devices are owned by the enterprise while others are personal devices that employees will like to use for work as well. So, the only way to secure our assets is to secure and manage data.

I continue to look forward to a future innovation where security is embedded with the data and not is just a wrapper around it. That will make our job of securing enterprise data much easier.