Thursday, January 10, 2008

BIG@CES Linux on PCs
I saw several linux based laptops at CES. 2008 is clearly the year when significant money will be spent on linux-based internet devices. The most interesting ones are flash based and very portable. The number of apps available for these devices is exploding. The two that top the list are:
  • ASUS EEE: starting at $299, laptop format, full keyboard, fast, great finish, usb port, comes with openoffice, XP compatible, etc. (link to full specs). The device is best for young kids and low usage (web surfing and e-mail) adults.
  • Nokia 810: third version of the product, coat pocket size, touch screen, slide-out full keyboard (small), $480, camera (for video conferencing), etc.
With the poor reviews of Microsoft Vista, these machines have a real opportunity to get a piece of the low end of the marketplace.

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