Thursday, April 19, 2007

3Tera: Complete Infrastructure Virtualization
Very interesting concept! 3Tera claims to virtualize all aspects of an application and its infrastructure into a single package that can be executed on a grid of servers. Here is a link to the detailed list of features of their flagship product, AppLogic. Some of the features that caught my attention are:
  • Disposable infrastructure: Infrastructure is assembled visually and stored as part of the application in AppLogic. The infrastructure is essentially disposable; it's instantiated on the grid when the application is run, maintained while needed, and disposed of when the application exits.
  • Packaged distributed applications: AppLogic packages all code, data and infrastructure required to run a scalable web application into a single logical entity that can be started, stopped, managed, copied or even exported to another grid without modifications. AppLogic includes several popular open-source applications such as Bugzilla, Twiki, SugarCRM and Zimbra. These applications are pre-integrated and ready to run.

WOW! Imagine if, in the future, large enterprise apps could be deployed and scaled in this fashion. It has become very easy to start a technology business with all infrastructure at a variable pay-as-you-go and acquire-as-you-need basis.

Thanks to my friend Doug Neal, whose article pointed me to 3tera.

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