Thursday, November 02, 2006

Navigating Applications in the future using Search
Oracle talked about their new Enterprise Search product at Oracle World and talked about the potential of using search as the primary tool to navigate through data and transactions. Search and e-mail alerts (for routing workflow action items) have the potential of being the navigation interfaces to the applications of the future. This paradigm is clearly portable to the tiny screens of mobile devices.

Let us fast forward to 2008 and look at a use case - Hiring a new employee:
  • Jane, the hiring manager, logs on to the corporate portal using the biometric interface on her mobile device. A search box is presented with 5 links to the most recent searches.
  • She searches for "Hire New Employee"
  • Based on the policies of the department and her profile and access levels, the portal invokes the HR application and presents the "Hire" page with the 5 requisitions that she is allowed to fill
  • She selects a requisition and searches for the candidate she wishes to hire. Jane picks the candidate from the results and initiates the appropriate workflow for the transaction.
  • The system triggers the appropriate workflow and communicates with the candidate, Jane's supervisor and the department's HR personnel via e-mail to get the transaction completed
I think Search is key to enabling enterprise applications on a small screen mobile device!

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