Thursday, November 16, 2006

Enterprise 2.0 (What is it?)

Came across a very interesting announcement from Intel - SuiteTwo (Enterprise 2.0 suite powered by Intel). I feel that this package has sufficient functionality to install as Phase I of Web 2.0 applications within the Enterprise.

Leading thinkers in this space have come up with the SLATES (Search | Links | Authorship | Tags | Extensions | Signals) paradigm to describe the functionality that forms the core of this suite. In Dion Hinchcliffe's words:

"SLATES describes the combined use of effective enterprise search and discovery, using links to connect information together into a meaningful information ecosystem using the model of the Web, providing low-barrier social tools for public authorship of enterprise content, tags to let users create emergent organizational structure, extensions to spontaneously provide intelligent content suggestions similar to Amazon's recommendation system, and signals to let users know when enterprise information they care about has been published or updated, such as when a corporate RSS feed of interest changes."

We will look at this suite and evaluate inclusion in our corporate portal.

My favourite blogs on the topic:

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