Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Interopertating Things

Internet Of Things

Over the past year, I resisted carrying additional connected devices besides my iPhone. However, recently I succumbed and tried a couple of new devices connected to my iPhone over the past several weeks and have been impressed how easy some of these devices are to connect and use. It is obvious that everyone will soon be carrying several specific-use accessories connected to the smartphone. Many of these will be barely useful but others will truly deliver value.

I have started wearing a watch again after 5+ years. It took me a few minutes to connect the Pebble to my iPhone. I find its very basic feature very useful: I can see my incoming phone calls, e-mails and text messages on my watch. This is very helpful as I am in meetings all the time and it is very distracting for me to look at my phone during meetings.

I tried the keyboard with my blackberry all weekend long. It was very easy to connect and worked quite will. While, personally, I am comfortable with the standard glass keyboard on the iPhone, I plan to get a few of my colleagues who really want a physical keyboard to try it out.

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