Friday, January 08, 2010

CES 2010
I really enjoyed my trip to CES after 2 years.

What I loved:
  • 3D Plasma TVs from Panasonic; 6.9 mm thin LED TV from LG (I did not manage to check-out Sony's 3D TVs)
  • 3D movies (clip from How to train a Dragon from Dreamworks)
  • real-time 3D movie editing on Intel platforms
  • Project Natal (coverage on cnet) at Microsoft (human body as game controller)
  • Nokia's approach to impacting the lives of the poorest while building a very successful global company (Project Progress with lonely planet has some excellent stories and videos)

What I Liked:

So What?

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and Zune HD
  • Intel Appup
  • CE companies have suddenly turned green
  • PCs and TVs will seamlessly inter-connect and that is useful

Big Disappointments:

  • No Apple, Google, Dell, HP, etc.
  • Lack of tablet PCs
  • eReaders
  • Lack of Mobile Software Companies at CES
  • Power outage before the first keynote

Cool Geek Toys

  • Parrot AR.Drone controlled by an iPhone
  • Cool Robots from Japan (mainly toys)
I also tweeted from the conference.

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