Friday, August 21, 2009

iTablet: Waiting for 4G?
There is a lot of buzz in the market that Apple is getting ready to launch a Tablet device. It makes sense for Apple to address the market between the iPhone and the Macs. However, what will make the apple product different? Exceptional UI and Cool Design are a given. I believe that smart use of high-speed 4G wireless bandwidth will send us to the stores to by a 3rd apple device.

To me it makes sense that they will deliver a product with Verizon - the first of the Big 2 to launch LTE (rumors abound) in Q1 / Q2 2010.

An iTablet on 4G will destroy Kindle's chance to grab a piece of the mobile-media market. A multi-media experience is essential for news media. An iTablet can finally start converging on-line and TV news by delivering an interactive rich-media experience on a portable device with a large enough form-factor.

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