Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On CIO Talk Radio: Does your IT vendor pass the Tough Times Test
First time I was on an Internet Radio talk show - this one hosted by Sanjog Aul. Was on with Michael Hugo. Had an interesting discussion on working with IT vendors, especially in tough economic climate.

You can listen to the audio from this page.


ashnakochar said...

It's interesting. I am just listing to your audio. Great!

Michael Hugos said...

Hi Yuvi,

I listened to the audiocast of our talk on CIO Talk Radio. I think we are ready for prime time... :)

You are interested in cloud computing, SaaS, and open source and these things are going to transform the IT profession in a big way. I was the featured guest a few weeks ago on a show called BetterManagement Today and I spoke about those things. Here is the link to the videocast of my interview; you can click on the button labeled "Feature" to go right to my interview:

I write a blog for CIO Magazine called "Doing Business In Real Time" and wonder if you would like to be interviewed on your thoughts about what is happening to print media and how online media is changing the newspaper business. Please let me know (

Best regards,