Thursday, February 12, 2009

Potomac Tech Wire - Internet Outlook 2009
Interesting event. I thought the panel was great. This is just what stayed with me after the event.

What is Hot?
  • mobile (ESPN mobile was highlighted as an example)
  • location-aware services on mobile
  • shift of focus from consumer technology to business or enterprise technology
  • all media will be social (Facebook, Google connect)
  • video
  • privacy is dead
  • advertising message will become the focus
  • micro-payments (iTunes, Virtual goods)
  • social networking in the short term (under-hyped in the long term)
  • virtual worlds
  • green (a label that everyone is running after)
Other Notes
  • video cpms seem to be pretty high
  • internet is destroying peace making mechanism and opinion leaders are being crowded out
  • advertising will become an application allowing for message customization
  • data as a business will become a reality (I will be able to cut a deal for sharing my data) ... I do not buy this!

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