Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Google SearchWiki
Finally, folks at Google have decided to directly involve users to improve search results. I have long maintained that direct user input is essential for better search results. Page-rank provides an indirect user input for search and, as proven by Google, is very effective in ranking search results. However, I am not very happy with the approach they have taken of identifying the users who have changed the search results. They do warn that others will be able to see that I made the change. Here is a link to a computerworld article about the negative press this feature has attracted. Obviously, privacy is a huge concern.

I am usually logged-into Google and was quickly able to change the order of search results. However, when I was not logged-in, the order was what Google had originally presented. I wonder if the input I provided will later propagate to the full system.

I am convinced that Google will find that the user input provides very valuable enhancement to the search experience. They do have to make sure that privacy is not compromised.

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