Tuesday, August 05, 2008

No post for 6 weeks - I was away on vacation and then just catching up on stuff


Interesting article on Demo.com on how 3D is getting inserted into websites and social networks. 3D Worlds might do not generate the same level of buzz. Google Lively seems to have received a "me too" reception. However, 3D is a much better experience for stuff and I am sure that we will see it embedded in all sorts of websites over the next couple of years. The article covers technologies that are helping do just that.


Rob said...

Lively has quite a ways to go. They have definitely brought 3D chat to a new level which many smaller companies have not been able to do. I think sooner or later we will be able to buy and sell items on Lively, which will increase it's useage a lot, and may even bring people from other worlds such as Second Life.

Jack Dausman said...

Yuvi, do you think that 3D presentation needs something like the Apple iPhone touchscreen ? Using a mouse feels like poking an object rather than grasping it. I remember in the early Internet years there were attempts at 3D vector graphics. The results were impressive, but difficult to manipulate.