Thursday, May 22, 2008

Elastra - On Demand Applications in the cloud
One of my VC friends pointed me to Elastra. I think the idea of creating scripts to provision entire servers built up to the application tier in the cloud is v cool.

6 years ago, I used bladelogic (recently acquired by BMC) to manage server configurations. Elastra offers similar features in cloud computing. It makes cloud computing more accessible.

Here is review of Elastra on GigiOM.

UPDATE: I also like Rightscale - they compete with Elastra. Rightscale on GigaOM.

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Thorsten, CTO RightScale said...

Yuvi, thanks for mentioning RightScale. You're right that a new paradigm for configuring servers is best suited for the cloud. Since there's an "infinite" supply of servers available the response to many things becomes "just launch another one": whether you're scaling up in response to load, or reacting to the failure of a server, or need to test something out. So having the configuration all stored in the management system and being able to launch one or many servers from that config becomes a real asset. "Agile deployment!" We've been doing this for many customers for over a year now on EC2 and it works great. I'll never go back to traditional hosting!