Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bill Gates @ NVTC (Part I)
Bill predicts (my comments in italics)
  • telephony will be more integrated with the computing environment
  • wider deployment of video conferencing capabilities in the workplace (I am not too sure)
  • expansion of SAAS services: primarily for high computational needs / large data volume requirements. As one would expect, per Microsoft, PCs with a lot of processing power and local software survive! Key areas of technology work in SAAS is in the area of architecture and data center automation software (Microsoft is playing catch-up)
  • wider deployment of model-based software development tools supporting software development by business users (we have been hearing this for 20 years!)
  • speech-based natural user interfaces to mobile devices
  • tablet PCs (Microsoft has been pushing this for years now), especially in the areas of education
  • surface computing: camera-outfitted machines to support gesture based interfaces (I bet that Wii like wands will become popular soon - camera based? maybe later)
  • collaboration: sharepoint is the fastest growing product from Microsoft
  • 3d environments: not just in games but products like virtual earth: microsoft has released a 3d simulation platform for simulations
  • robotics: Microsoft has developed Robo-simulation software
  • launch of significant new products for healthcare: to allow doctors to see information in an interactive way, heath record vault for consumers (Google and Microsoft have mde bets in this area)
Transcript of Bill's speech!

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Anonymous said...

The privacy and security concerns in the healthcare area are huge - and not a specialty of Microsoft. I am skeptical and think a healthcare specialized vendor might be better placed for this.