Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Google does not look Invincible anymore
Two experiences this week make me realize that Google might have grown too big too fast and is having real issues related to this growth:
  1. Gmail eats e-mail: My wife found that, over the past several days, she has not received more than 5 e-mails at her Gmail address. I browsed the Gmail Support Group and found several people with the same complaint over the last few days. There was no communication from Google on the topic. Seems the issue hit the top at Digg a few months back. A blogger commenting on the issue pretty much said it all - you cannot expect much from a free service! I am thinking twice about deploying Google Apps within the Enterprise.
  2. Average search interface: Over the last 12 months I have made all my searches on Google. Yesterday, I was searching for a printer to get some business cards printed and was not happy with my search on Google. Used Yahoo and noticed that they have really improved the interface and the results were nearly the same. Well, I will remember to check multiple search engines the next time I am looking for something more than just a URL or an address for a restaurant.
Google seems to have taken the eye off the ball! Is Google growing fast to become a Microsoft? That will be a shame ...

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