Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nokia: Point&Find
I just saw a blog posting on Gizmodo that Nokia is demonstrating a technology that helps you get information on any restaurant, cinema and even people. The search is conducted using a photo (camera phone) and GPS location. I have been very interested in technologies that improve the browsing experience on phones. This goes way beyond what is available now.

Here is a posting on another blog: A bit of interesting information on Nokia Research on the same blog: "Nearly a third of Nokia's total workforce is dedicated to R&D: a staggering 21,453 people. More amazing still is the amount Nokia spends on R&D - an almost unbelievable 3.9 billion Euros a year. WOW!

Will love to see a demo of how it works. Have been playing with N800, the internet tablet from Nokia. It is cool ... will love to get my hands on N810 that has been recently announced.

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