Monday, May 28, 2007

3D World Wide Web
I expect the virtual worlds to evolve in the same way as the World Wide Web:
- Businesses and consumers will be able design, build, host and control their own presence in the 3D Web. Service providers will provide options to outsource any of these aspects.
- Consumers will be able to design and control their avatars. Everyone will belong to and participate in several communities: family, friends, work, associations, etc. with complete control on what overlaps and what does not.
- An HTTP like protocol will allow us to interlink and traverse the worlds and spaces in a seamless way.

We will also see several of these features get built right into the browsers for the 3D Web.

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Yooniverse said...

The 3D technology has existed since mid 90's. The markup language is called VRML, which is now superceded by X3D.

At one point, I proposed precisely what you speak of to my employer at the time (a major magazine publisher), to provide value-added service to our advertisers, but perhaps it was too ahead of its time. It was too heavy for the bandwidth of the day, and tools were very limited. Perhaps time has come to revisit it. Given the wild popularity of Linden Labs' Second Life, which is a virtual world where people do precisely what you describe, it's not out of reach to apply it to today's market.