Friday, February 02, 2007

Narrow function devices always on the net

The number of electronic devices that serve a narrow function and are always connected to a broadband internet connection has exploded over the past 12 to 18 months: TiVO, Nabaztag, Hard Disk (Segate's Dave), Nokia Internet Tablets, Navigation Devices (Dash), eBooks (iRex), Cameras (Kodak), etc.

Most of the home-use devices are on WiFi and the mobile (outside the home) devices are on the cellular networks. WiMax promises to try and converge the two on to a single technology.

A couple of years ago we all made fun of a refrigerator placing food orders on the web. That may still not be a great idea, but some very useful devices will become an integral part of our lives in 2007. I can imagine the number of devices always connected to the internet in an average american home to surpass 5 in 2008. Dropping prices and miniaturization will continue to drive the internet into more and more mundane devices.

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