Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Interesting Developments in the Cable / Telco world

Now that AT&T acquisition of BellSouth is complete and the dual ownership of Cingular has ended, AT&T has launched the first salvo AT&T Unity leveraging the combined services of the businesses. You can now get free calling from your cell phone to any AT&T land line.

Verizon has promptly responded with new packages:
  • Verizon Double Freedom: Unlimited land line, 3Mbps Internet, DirectTV for about $70 per month
  • Verizon Triple Freedom: Land line+Internet+(Wireless or TV) for about $100
  • Verizon Ultimate Freedom: all 4 for about $140
Cable companies have been talking of delivering quadruple play services (land line phone + Cell phone + tv + internet) for a while:
  • Comcast offers Digital Cable + Internet + phone at $99 per month in some markets
  • Cablevision is pricing it at $90
I do not know of a Cable Company with a wireless offering. I assume T-Mobile and Sprint will be their partners in the endeavor and that things will move quickly.

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