Tuesday, January 09, 2007

CES 2007 Highlights

I am on my first trip to the Consumer Electronics Show. It is just amazing! I got a look into the future. A few things that come to mind first:
  • All video is HD (TVs, DVDs, camcorders, projectors, etc.). The market took off in 2006 and will mature in 2007. Competition is fierce and prices are bound to fall.
  • All media available everywhere all the time. We will have access to all our media all the time - in the car, at work, while jogging and even in the shower.
  • All wireless all the time. Multiple products and standards are being launched to eliminate every wire connecting one device to another. It will get more complex before it becomes simple.
  • Location based services are taking off. A very large number of navigation products complemented with several interesting location based services.
  • Live video on mobile devices is here
  • Mobile devices will deliver a very rich multimedia applications
  • Swipe your phone to pay. Visa is launching payments by phone capability in the US. The phone will carry a part of our wallet.
  • Everyone will own a digital picture frame. The number of products at CES in this category easily beat every other category.
  • Vista and Office 2007 are very cool. I did not expect to say that for a Microsoft product for a very long time!
Will write a detailed account later.

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