Wednesday, August 30, 2006

DP (ceo of mPortal) demonstrated the Disney Mobile Family Center features to me. Very cool. The interface is crisp and easy to use (a bit slow though). We were not leveraging EVDO speeds.

The "parent" device was able to very closely locate the "kid" device. One of the first mobile "location-based" service. Let us see how the parent / child dynamic works with this. Location might be the best parameter to eliminate the clutter from mobile phone decks and create truly usable experience.

Parents can also review / control the usage on the "kid" phones. Finally, a carrier is providing a direct view into the billing system from the handset. I think this will be the killer feature that will clean-up issues with carrier billing. In my experience, exposing back-office data to customers is the best way to get the plans simplified and system bugs fixed fast. Disney can get a huge boost in customer satisfaction with this one feature.

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